Hope House Ukraine

Image from Hope House Ukraine

Image from Hope House Ukraine

In 2013 and 2014, our family had the blessed privilege of hosting a young woman from Ukraine. We thought we were signing up to help her, but in reality she helped us. She showed us the power of unconditional love, and challenged us to look beyond our own comforts and needs, and focus instead on the needs of others.

Sending her back to Ukraine was difficult, but adoption laws prevented us from bringing her home permanently. In my search for places to help her assimilate to life on her own, however, I came upon Hope House Ukraine, and my heart was immediately drawn to this beautiful ministry.

From their website: “Hope House is a transition home for young women, a place to belong and learn life skills, a place where others believe in you, as you complete your education. Under the loving supervision of a caring house mother, the girls who live here blossom in this positive environment.”

I’ve chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds of my upcoming novel to Hope House Ukraine, partnering with them to offer hope and grace to young girls who need to hear that they matter in this world. They are loved, and they are known by a good God.

If you’re looking for an organization to partner with that pours into the lives of young women who have aged out of the orphanage, please consider partnering with Hope House Ukraine.

Compassion International

Photo by Kelly Scott

Photo by Keely Scott

There will forever and always be a special place in my heart reserved for Compassion International. There is power available when we have the ability to reach out and make a personal connection with those we meet through these ministries.

In 2012, I had the unique privilege of traveling to Tanzania with Compassion Bloggers to write about the impact this ministry is having worldwide and, most specifically, in that beautiful African country. It was a life changing week for me, and I will forever sing the praises of Compassion International.

I’ve seen first-hand how the sponsorship of a child impacts an entire family, and community. If you’ve ever considered sponsorship, I would urge you to wait no more. You can change a life, and the power to change one leaves ripples of impact that reach farther than you could image.

The Lulu Tree


In January, 2015, Emily Wierenga experienced a poignant Enough moment. She looked into the eyes of a mother in Katwe, Uganda, and she knew that she had to do something. As a mother, she could not ignore the plight of the many mothers she met who longed for their children, but could not provide. Emily couldn’t go home satisfied that her one visit was enough.

There had to be more.

In June of 2014, Emily founded The Lulu Tree, an organization that aims to “prevent tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s mothers.”

The Lulu Tree is a place where mothers can gather and use their gifts, creative gifts, to provide for their families. My dear friend, and co-author, Wendy Speake and I have joined with The Lulu Tree in faith, offering proceeds from our upcoming book as a means to help these mothers do what we all long to do – to see our children look up at us with adoration.

Are you looking for a ministry that gives you a specific connection to mothers? Would you consider partnering with The Lulu Tree to bless and encourage these mothers with the ability to keep their children in their homes, and provide for their needs?

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