Stories that connect

The beauty of storytelling
lies in its power to connect us all,
from the past to the present.
Take a journey through story with me!


Join me

as we cheer one another onward
to see life as it was meant to be seen –
a canvas waiting to be painted by the
personalities of this world.


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Novelist • Wife • Mom to 5 

Driver of a smokin’ hot minivan

Award winning author

A fascinating treasure hunt, an atmospheric tale of the Russian Revolution, and a heart-thumping generational story.

Step into the Big Top for an extraordinary story of young love, adventure, and the magic that binds us all.

A gripping and unforgettable narrative of the treachery of secrets, and of the light that ignites the heart of a family.

The award-winning novel based on the true stories of World War II survivors from the former Soviet Union.

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