31 Days: The Magical Beach

We went to the beach yesterday. At first I was completely unimpressed. In my defense, mom-lady kept me up for hours the night before, so I was extremely tired. I wanted to nap, but mom-lady insisted that we take pictures at the beach, because apparently there’s something magical about the sand and that gigantic body of water called “The Ocean.”


If it’s anything like the swimming pool, then they can take their ocean and shove it.


Anyway, mom-lady let all the bigger kids take turns holding me, which basically felt like I was being passed like a hot potato from one person to the next.

Side note: I’m really looking forward to the day when I can hold my head up on my own. Even more than that, I’m looking forward to becoming mobile so that I can flee these little family photo sessions.

I did my obligatory fussing as they passed me around, but then mom-lady put me down in the sand and OH MY GOSH THE BEACH REALLY IS MAGICAL!!!


I laid on my blanket and tiny fairies danced before my eyes. Suddenly the sky sparkled, and the sound of the ocean in the background filled me with such rapturous joy that I could have stayed there for hours.


I hear that being born in Florida allows me full use of the title “beach baby.” I will wear that crown proudly. Indeed, I will happily spend my days from here on out in the powdery sand.


I have found my happy place.

31DaysmdThis month, I’m linking up with The Nester for this 31 Day series as I survive the newborn haze of sleepless nights, endless nursing, and squeezing in life in twenty minute increments throughout the day. If you want to receive the posts directly in your email inbox, just leave your email address in the box on the sidebar, and subscribe so you don’t miss a post!

I’ll share photos every day, some of them good, and some of them mediocre, because baby leaves me little time to worry about taking and editing the perfect photos.

I’ll also be sharing my daughter’s thoughts, as dictated to me telepathically while she nurses, because she has informed me that she is a mind ninja, and I am merely her portal to the outside world.

Her words, not mine.


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