Made for the Light: Part Two

“I just love the way the world looks upside down.”

She said the words with a sigh, her mouth turned up in just the hint of a smile. I glanced at her long enough to see that she wasn’t looking at me, but rather up at the sky. She wasn’t really talking to me at all. She was just stating a fact.

She loves the way the world looks upside down.

As I prepare to head out to a writer’s conference tomorrow, I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about platform. What does it mean, and can I really stand on one with any amount of emotional stability?

It dawned on me when Tia spoke those honest words that I feel so much like her. I love the way the world looks upside down. I love the way it looks on my computer screen. I love the tapped out rhythm of life that echoes across the keyboard. I love the way the world looks when I’m writing.

Because stories are my upside down.

It’s a beautiful thing to embrace the world as one was meant to see it; whimsical and bright – the world is a fascinating place when turned upside down.

You see, I am the girl on the platform, spinning her way around the stage, and finally feeling warmed by the Light that illuminates the space in front of me. No longer concerned with the applause of the auditorium, I find myself increasingly fascinated with the world as He created me to see it – all topsy turvy.

It’s not always easy, though. I still forget at times to focus on the Light, and instead I strain my eyes toward the seats, wishing there were more listening. I’m not so secure that I’ve forgotten the desire to be seen and heard.

But when I allow myself to simply love what I do for no other reason than I was made to do it, then the Light fills in the dark places once again. Because I love the way the world looks upside down.

Maybe you’re standing on an empty stage, gazing into an empty auditorium, and you’re feeling lost and confused. Maybe the world is to right side up for you right now.

Can I offer a few words of advice?


1.) Know you have a story to tell

Your story is unique, and it’s a story that only you can tell. Maybe there are others around you telling flashy stories. Maybe they have a bigger stage, and wider audience. But they don’t have your story. They couldn’t. Only you hold that story.

So tell it.

2.) Know how you love to see the world

This is akin to finding your voice. How do you love to see the world? What is upside down for you?

Are you a Bible teacher? Then give us scripture laden wisdom, and make us crave the Word.

Are you a humorist? Then tell us a funny story, and make us laugh out loud.

Are you a story teller? Then tell us a story, and make us long for more. 

Find your voice, and show us the world from your vantage point. Because the world is waiting to hear from you.

3.) Know that you’re there to reveal the Light

I heard a story once of Billy Graham. As he ascended the stairs to the stage at one of his famous rallies, the cheers and applause from the crowd below reached a deafening level. Stepping before the podium, the humble man held up his hand, and a hush fell over the group.

“God shares His Glory with no man,” Mr. Graham said, and then bowed his head to pray.

When you ascend the steps of your platform and you take to the stage, no matter how big or small your audience, remember that you’re there to reveal the Light. You’re there for them to see and feel the warmth of the Light. Because that story you have to tell?

He gave it to you. And He shares His glory with no man.

So, tell me: How do you love to see the world? 

If you missed it, here is Part One.

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