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I have slowly, and skeptically I might add, tiptoed into the world of Essential Oils this last month. It’s something I wanted to try for a number of reasons, a big one being this has been a difficult pregnancy, and I was looking for some natural, holistic approaches to caring for my body during this season of life. Essential Oils intrigued me, and so I took the plunge.Healthy Living Blog Tour

Today I’ll share some of my experiences.

 Upfront disclaimer: I am not a health care professional. I don’t even play one on TV. The information I share in this post is based on my own personal research, and my experiences alone. It’s important for you to do your own research, and to check with your health care professionals (particularly if you’re pregnant) before you begin using Essential Oils.

The Essential Oil brand that I recommend using is doTERRA. I support this brand for a number of reasons, the main one being that they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. These oils are pure natural aromatic compounds extracted from plants. They do not contain fillers or additives, which allows the user to receive maximum benefit from nature’s natural healers.


When I first began using doTERRA oils, I was extremely skeptical. Quite honestly, I didn’t get it. It made no sense to me that rubbing a little oil on the bottom of my feet, the back of my neck, or across my forehead could possible help with common, every day ailments.

I was willing to try, though, because it had to be better than suffering through constant nausea, heart palpitations, insomnia, and frequent headaches for the duration of my pregnancy without some form of relief.

This is a short list of  what has noticeably worked for me in the last 6 weeks.


This little gem of an oil has become one of my dearest friends. Carrying girl babies has always been difficult for me (thank you, hormones). With both of my girls, I’ve struggled with insomnia, which leads to headaches. Lavender is helping with both of these issues. It relaxes me at night, which helps me fall asleep faster (though it does not help me sleep through the night. Baby steps…) And rather than popping Tylenol every four hours for headaches, I use Lavender, which has made a noticeable difference in the intensity of the headaches, if it doesn’t fully relieve them.


The smell of this oil is divine. I’ve combined it with the On Guard blend on a daily basis in a diffuser, which fills my house with a beautiful fragrance, while also giving us the benefits of both oils. Wild Orange helps with anxiety, which I need when my heart starts beating irregularly due to anemia. The Wild Orange smells good, and it calms me down. It does not stop the heart palpitations, but it does help me work through them.


As I mentioned, I’ve used On Guard in a diffuser to help purify our air. Landon came down with a cold last week, and this was my first chance to really test out the effectiveness of the oils. I rubbed (diluted) On Guard on the bottom of his feet. And rubbed lavender and Breathe (a lovely, menthol-y blend) on his chest before bed. Within 24 hours his congestion had cleared, and his cough remained mild. No one else got sick.


Lifelong Vitality Pack

This has been the most noticeable benefit I’ve seen since beginning to use doTERRA products. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve struggled with anemia this time around, so increasing my iron intake was key. Since I’ve started taking these vitamin supplements regularly, I’ve had increased energy, fewer symptoms of low iron, and more peace of mind that I’m doing what’s best for me and the baby.

These are only a few of the oils I’ve used that has produced actual results. For more information on all the oils available, visit the doTERRA site and look around.


If you’re interested in learning more about how you can utilize doTERRA Essential Oils to boost your family’s overall health in the most natural way possible, please feel free to contact me and ask questions. If you’d like to sign up as a Wellness Advocate to receive the deepest discounts possible on the oils you purchase, I’m happy to walk you through that process.

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