The Writer’s Life

My brain is always going. Every moment of the day is spent watching and imagining. I see strangers on the street, and I immediately imagine their background. Characters come to life in the personalities that pass me on the sidewalk.

Observation is both the blessing and the curse placed squarely upon the writer’s shoulders.


We don’t just see the flower, we see the petals – and they dance.

We don’t just see the person, we see the way her hair floats in the breeze, or the wisdom in the lines that fan out from the corners of his eyes.

We hear the song of the birds, and the magic in a laugh that cuts through the air like the like a happy melody.

And when we stop to think about God Himself – well, the image cannot possibly be written in bulleted form. It’s a poem, because God isn’t abstract in the mind of a writer. He is the vibrant orange of the sunset. He’s the rumble of thunder, and the gentle whisper in a breeze. He’s the highest peak, and the lowest valley. He is the soft whir of a hummingbird’s wings, and he is the power behind a lion’s roar.

He is all the color and all the music, and He’s hidden in the laughter of the smallest of babies.

This is what it’s like inside the mind of a writer.

It can, at times, be utterly exhausting.

I am currently enjoying a week away with my family, and the people watching is superb. How anyone makes it through this life without observing the personalities around them is beyond me.


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