How 30 Days Changed the Course

30 Days to Becoming a Writer

Last October, I participated in The Nester’s 31 Day Challenge: Pick a topic, and dive deep into that topic for 31 days.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide what topic I could focus on for 31 days. How could I come up with a post every day for a month on one particular subject?

This became an exercise in discipline for me, as well as a personal challenge I  wanted to complete. After a lot of back and forth, I decided to write about the one thing I felt I knew best:


I was so very nervous to dive into that series of posts, but there was something deep inside that wanted to prove that I did know this profession into which I’ve chosen to pour myself. A lack of confidence held me back for far too long, so it was time to embrace with confidence that which I knew.

I managed to pull off 30 posts in those 31 days, and with each post I wrote, I felt an increasing sense of confidence in who God made me to be. I remembered the dark nights as a child, pouring my heart into journal after journal. I remembered the poems and songs I scratched out on notebook paper, the stories and devotionals I penned when I had a little time to myself.

30 Days to Becoming a Writer

I remembered the day a professor pulled me aside in college and told me that he had submitted an essay I’d written into a local competition and it won. “Why are you a theater major?” he asked. “You should be a writing major.”

I remembered and I embraced, and those 30 posts changed the entire course of where I was headed.

30 Days to Becoming a Writer 

I knew it was time to move on from my blog. As much as I loved that space, and the fun that I had there, it was time to expand. Those 30 days gave me the confidence to take the next steps toward launching this current site.

I wrote that series of blog posts for myself, but something happened that I did not plan.

The posts were read, and read again, then shared and read some more. Every day I received notification from Pinterest that these posts were being pinned, and a thought struck me:

Maybe I have information that would benefit others. Maybe I actually do know what I’m talking about.

For the past three months, I have work feverishly to pull those posts together and combine them in a more concise and comprehensive manner. I added to the information I originally shared, shaped up what I’d previously written, and pulled together enough material to put it together in one easy-to-read guide.

30 Days to Becoming a Writer

Today, 30 Days to Becoming a Writer officially hits the Amazon marketplace. Putting this together and publishing it as an e-book only added to my growth and learning as a writer. This was my first official experience with self-publication and, as expected, I made a few mistakes. I learned as I went, though, and I am now so proud of how the book has turned out.

30 Days to Becoming a Writer is a book for people like me – people who love to write, but are unsure if they have what it takes to turn their hobby into a career. This is a book meant to give confidence. If you have the words inside you, and the the desire to see them shared, then my prayer is you’ll find the tools you need in this e-book to make your dream a reality.

I’m here to be your cheerleader. You can do this. You have everything it takes to call yourself a writer and, ultimately, an author.

To join me on this journey of growing as a writer and expanding in our craft, please head over to Amazon today and download your copy of 30 Days to Becoming a Writer.

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Thank you to so many of you who have cheered me on in this journey. Without my tribe of people rallying behind me, I never would have gotten this finished.

Blessings to you all this beautiful Monday morning, and Happy Writing!

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