First and Last and Bittersweet

We say goodbye to elementary school today. It’s bittersweet. As Sloan prepares to head to Middle School, and I plan to homeschool Tia and Landon, I find myself nostalgic a bit. I have loved their school. I leave with no hard feelings. In fact, loving the school is what made the decision to homeschool so difficult.

A lot has happened since the kids started this school year.

Where once there were only three of them:


Now there are four!

Last Day 2

Where once Sloan had no braces:


First Day

Now he’s a metal mouth!



Tia’s has gone from this (those shorts don’t even come close to fitting her now!):

First Day 2


To this:


And Landon had teeth when he started school!

First Day3


It’s been a heckuva a year. I’m looking forward to the next year. It will be challenging, yes. But I have a feeling it’s going to be full of so much fun.


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