Hello, everyone, and welcome to my new space! I’m so excited to be here, and to have you all join me on this new adventure. I wanted to kick off my time in this new space with a very clear reason for why we’re here. Why did I shift away from Minivans Are Hot, a website that’s given me so much over the last six years? What was the purpose in starting over from scratch?

To answer that, I need to go back a few months. Late last year, as I slowly came out of the fog of a really rough year, I realized that my perspective on blogging had changed significantly. One of those realizations came through the 31 day series I wrote in October, 31 Days to Becoming and Author. 

I didn’t get a massive amount of traffic during those 31 days – quite the contrary, in fact. I think that series may have been the nail in my blogging coffin, so to speak. I gained something so different, though – something I was not expecting. I gained a confidence and a sureness in my skill and knowledge as a writer, and a passion welled up inside me to focus more on the inspiration that comes from doing something I love.

I love writing. Words are how I process the world around me. Like a true, awkward creative, I’m much better at communicating thoughts on paper than I am verbally. This makes me sound so fun. You want to invite me to your next party, don’t you? 

I had another epiphany while writing that series, though, and this one has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you as the reader. You are motivated and encouraged when you feel inspired, too. We all operate under an umbrella of inspiration, and when you recognize what it is that inspires you, you are much more likely to live a life of freedom.

Kelli in Austria

With that in mind, I’ve created a purpose statement for this blog:

Kelli Stuart.com gives motivation to those who are looking to live a life of passionate inspiration, leaving readers encouraged and empowered to chase their dreams, the desires of their heart, and the gifts and talents that are unique to each one of them, all to the benefit of others, and not themselves, because we all know that a life lived passionately is a life that changes the world.

It’s a mouthful, I know, but this truly is my goal for this website. I want to encourage and equip you all to live a life of inspiration, no matter what that may look like, and be assured it will look differently for all of us.

Are you a creative – an artist of some kind? You’re welcome here.

Are you a parent seeking to find the joy in the day to day challenges of raising children? Please join me.

Are you a professional – one who leaves your home each morning before the sun wakes up, and endures the bumper to bumper mayhem each evening upon your return home? You’re welcome here.

Do you love decorating, coupon cutting, entertaining? This is the place for you.

Are you in ministry? Pull up a chair and join us.

Are you a passionate advocate for the voiceless of this world? I’m so glad to have you!

There is a place for everyone in this space, because all joy and motivation began with inspiration. So thank you for joining me as we take this journey. For those of you who came with me from Minivans Are Hot, you will see that my voice and writing style have changed little. This new space gives me room to expand, opening up the opportunity to write about so many different things.

I made this change because I felt inspired to do more, and the expanse has made me feel free.

I’m so glad you’re here!

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